Love, weddings, and the search for the most beautiful dress are a beautiful part of every culture in all regions of the globe! People of every creed, every race, every sexuality, and gender identity dream of the perfect wedding, which is why our motto here at The Bride XX is “The World Revolves Around Love and Art.

Nowadays, most brides begin their search by purchasing costly bridal magazines that offer an average of 50 gowns, and whose designers are limited in scope to the designers from the country in which they are sold. Such magazines leave out a huge number of extraordinarily talented designers from around the world who may be unheard of outside their domestic markets.

The Bride XX aims to break the market turning things easier for brides everywhere to find gorgeous gowns from incredible designers they would otherwise never hear. As a catalog of designer collections from the worldwilde, we are not only the gateway to beautiful gowns from every corner of the globe, but we are also digital and therefore environmentally friendly. You can view the catalog on our website on any device and take it on the go.

The Bride XX puts together more than 300 designers from across all continents, whose runways, websites, Instagram and Facebook pages, and most importantly contact information are available to all our subscribers.

We want to give you the world in wedding dress designers!